There are over 40 revenue streams available to musicians – each protected by different copyrights, rights organizations, relationships, licenses, or the like.  It might seem a bit complicated but let’s break it down in relation to your rights then let’s describe the metadata associated with your music.  In this first section, we will focus on your initial release, where to register things, and the rights organizations you’ll need to get involved with in order to enjoy revenue from your music.

To get started, please get familiar with the required Metadata.  The word “metadata” sounds a little scary, but without it,  you can’t get paid. It puts data in context. Read more.

After you finish that article, let’s get you started with Registering your music!!   Again along the lines of the pursuit of revenue, you need to make sure that the various rights and royalty organizations have records of your works.


“What if I were trying to be a good businessman by trying to expect accurately what can be wanted and sold in the market and putting a priority on creating what I can sell out there…”

Motoshi Kosako, Harpist for Stockton Symphony Orchestra

Ray Archie

Ray Archie is the Executive Director of Notes to the Soul, Inc. is infinitely the musicians’ advocate. It comes from the heart as Ray is also a musician who plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others. Ray crosses the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and soul music. Ray is an award-winning musician who has toured extensively worldwide since age 12. He has over 30 years of music industry experience, 12 years of broadcast experience, created large-scale consumer-facing products and has set international standards for audio.