Build Your Tribe – Part 3: “Get them invested”

So last week we talked about getting people on your email list. Now let’s get them invested.  


Great!  What does that mean? Bastardized from, the definition of “invested” is: “to devote time, talent or money for a purpose or to achieve something.”


Here’s why this is important to you: A person who has devoted “time, talent or money” for your music or for things that represent your music (t-shirts, bandanas, etc…) now feels they have a stake in your success. So your success becomes intertwined with their success!  


Invested fans are more likely to rally around your next project, spread the word about your gigs, and engage new listeners. In other words, invested fans are more likely to evangelize for you! But the first step to creating evangelizers is getting them to buy your music and wear your T-shirt.


So how do you do that?


Here’s where that e-mail list comes in:


First, plan out a gift-based marketing funnel — a series of communications that allow you to do two things: first, tell a little about what’s going on with your current project or next gig, and second, give your new email enrollees something for free.  Here’s an example:

  • Week 1 — send a link to a 2nd free download track
  • Week 2 — send a high-resolution original artwork from an album or an upcoming project (something that can be used as desktop wallpaper)
  • Week 3 — send an unfinished track that has yet to be released
  • Week 4 — send a 3rd free download track

By sharing stories and giving gifts, you create a relationship where your fans come to trust you. They have had four positive experiences of you giving to them and asking nothing in return.  So now it’s time to offer these folks a chance to give back to you.  This next email offers them the opportunity to BUY your music, but at a discount because they are on your list.  This should only be for a limited time, and remember: this should be exclusive to your email list.

  • “For the next 72 hours, you get 50% off the new album”.
  • “We only have 1,000 copies of the album for 50% off”.

If they’ve come this far with you, then give them a chance to go all in.  

They’ve bought your album, now offer them a chance to buy ALL of your albums. Make the price something ridiculous, like $20.  About 50% of them will take you up on that offer.


YES!  You have now successfully moved these folks from “interested” to


Next up: From Invested to Evangelizing: Putting Purpose behind the Purchase