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Jay Rodriguez

MusicMakers :: Jay Rodriguez :: STORY

By Ray Archie / February 16, 2017

MUSICMAKER:: JAY RODRIGUEZ THE STORY For today’s MusicMaker, we got a hold of Brooklyn’s Jay Rodriguez.  This is Jay’s Story and how he approaches music and channels his emotions through music.     “At the very end of your life, it won’t matter how many breaths you take but how many moments in your life took your breath…

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Shea Rose

MusicMaker :: Shea Rose :: STORY

By Ray Archie / January 31, 2017

MusicMaker :: Shea Rose :: STORY LISTEN! [/audio]     THE BACKSTORY Shea’s Bio: Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2011, Shea Rose has been celebrated for her contributions to music, fashion, and philanthropy. She has won multiple awards, was hand-picked by Queen Latifah for a CoverGirl music campaign, and gave a TEDx Talk in 2014…

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Swiss Chris

Brand YOU: Find Your Story

By Ray Archie / October 19, 2016

Jose Feliciano is an amazing story teller.  He uses both his words and music during concerts in a way that keeps thousands of people engaged.  What’s most amazing is that his story is felt even when listening to his recorded music.  Here’s Feliciano’s inspiration, story, and come from when playing the national anthem for the…

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Brand YOU: What’s Your Story? — It’s Your Brand!

By Ray Archie / October 12, 2016

When you are performing, people are attracted to you. When you play, you resonate in a way that people respond to. But why is that?  Your story is part of what causes that resonance. It’s what got you here; what brought you to this place. It’s what inspires your music and helps you connect with…

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