Let's Make it a Pro Instrument

Let's Upgrade Your Fender Bass.  Fender has defined the electric bass since its invention. James Jamerson one of the founding fathers of the Bass guitar is regarded as one of the greatest bassist that ever lived. He contributed greatly to the Fender Precision Bass guitar in the early 1960s.  Many bass players’ first bass was a Fender. A Fender Squier Precision Bass costs under $400 and is excellent for beginners. Young musicians who play these instruments soon realize there are several limiting factors. This article discusses how to address these issues and make it sound like a dream bass.

About Ray Archie

Ray Archie is the Executive Director of Notes to the Soul, Inc. is infinitely the musicians’ advocate. It comes from the heart as Ray is also a musician who plays cello, bass, & piano and has performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others. Ray crosses the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and soul music. Ray is an award-winning musician who has toured extensively worldwide since age 12. He has over 30 years of music industry experience, 12 years of broadcast experience, created large-scale consumer-facing products and has set international standards for audio.