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We go to school to learn about our specific professions -- but are never taught the business or given the tools to successfully leverage our skills in the real world. MusicMakers addresses this -  we help artists to tell their story, define their brand, & make $ - while maintaining a healthy balance.

Your Music Business deserves cross-media and unified branding with a clear strategy on leveraging your audience...  WHAT?!  Yeah - we want to teach Musicians to be Entrepreneurs.    Learn about Branding, Monetization, Streaming, and more!!

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Feeling Good: Pleasure as Ritual Resistance

Feeling Good: Pleasure as Ritual Resistance

Judson Arts presents Musical Theatre Factory & Poetic Theater Productions’ Feeling Good: Pleasure as Ritual Resistance Doors open ...
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Upgrade Your Fender Bass

UPGRADE YOUR FENDER BASS Let's Make it a Pro Instrument Let's Upgrade Your Fender Bass.  Fender has defined ...
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Understanding Copyright & Creating a Strategy

So, we’ve covered all of this metadata stuff and all types of registration, so now we’re going to ...
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Music Publishing Deal

How I Got Signed to a Music Publishing Deal

Guest Article: Written by Dylan Lloyd It was September 21, 2009…I was in pursuit of the ultimate dream. ...
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Toni Blackman

Week of July 16th :: MusicMakers News [Part 1]

Toni Blackman: Hip-Hop Meditation :: Earning by Empowering :: The Mixtape Week of July 16: Story, Revenue, and ...
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Angelique Kidjo’s Remain in Light :: OISTAT Mentorship Program :: Music Festival Gender Gaps

Week of June 25th :: MusicMakers News

Angelique Kidjo’s Remain in Light :: OISTAT Mentorship Program :: Music Festival Gender Gaps Week of June 25: ...
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Your Fans Come First - by Dylan Lloyd

Rule #1…. Your Fans Come First

Rule #1: Your Fans Come First.  As an independent artist, I don't believe there to be a more ...
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marketing and publicity 101

Marketing and Publicity 101

Who are you trying to reach?  | What story are you telling?  | What is your purpose? These ...
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Purpose Behind the Purchase

Purpose Behind the Purchase I hate constantly asking people to buy stuff, but what about all my merch? ...
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Week of May 28th :: MusicMakers News

Stewart Lupton :: Unsigned-Only Music Competition :: AWAL Week of May 28th: Story, Revenue, and Balance "Music is ...
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Week of May 14th :: MusicMakers News

Childish Gambino :: The Art of Score :: Matthew Garrison Week of May 14: Story, Revenue, and Balance ...
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