Build Your Tribe – Part 2: “Get On The List!”

Now that we have a method for collecting email and for emailing your audience, let’s work on a strategy around this whole thing.  It’s important to remember that good communication with your tribe isn’t about spamming them — it’s about having a dialogue, creating intrigue, telling your story – and giving your audience what they want.

Basically, you’re going to create a cool, high impact page on your site. It needs three things: a clear call to action, an incentive and a Mautic form at the bottom.   Here are some examples:

  • “Sign-up to my email list and get a Free download of a new track from my upcoming album!”
    • The visitor fills out the form then gets an email to a link with their free download
  • “Sign up of for my email list to be a VIP at my next show!”
    • The visitor fills out the form (include City) then gets an email confirmation that they’re a VIP and what that entails (early entry to the gig; drinks with the band before or after; reserved seats, etc…)
    • Hand select your winners and email them — get firm confirmations that they’re going
  • “Sign up and get a chance for free tickets to my next show!”

The visitor fills out the form (include City) then gets an email confirmation that

they’re automatically a  VIP for signing up.

Email them that you’ll be picking out 5 lucky ticket winners in the next few days.

Hand select winners

Email everyone else to let them know they are still VIPs and what that entails.

  • “Sign-up to get early notification of our crowdfunding campaign!”

We’ll go into more details on this in a later installment, but you can use this call to action in lots of great ways, so keep it in mind.

Remember: there’s no reason to stick with only one way of engaging your audience.  In fact, a really powerful way to engage them is…

to ask them for something besides their email:

Ask them for their opinion.  Ask them for what city they’d like to see you expand to next, what cover they like best for your next album, what poster they think you should use for your tour.  People love to weigh in on stuff, especially if their vote will actually affect the outcome.  And they’ll gladly give their email to get that chance.

The examples above require different fields for your form.  So, this WILL take some planning.  And some practice. But the more you do it, the better you’ll get. And the better you get, the more ways you’ll find to use this system.

In marketing we typically do what’s called A/B testing to help us test ‘theories’ and determine best ways to message our audience. So play around- try different things.  Come up with some theories and get creative!  

Oh!  And you should be getting people on your email list at your gigs, also!  You can easily create a generic email list form in Mautic.  Start with some of your audience survey questions, then continue with name, email, phone, and city.  Walking around the club with an iPad asking people to fill out the form not only gets you information, but gives people an excuse to approach you.   It’s cool to have one at the merch table also, but people love that face to face interaction. It gets them invested, so take the time to work the room!

Let’s pull the trigger and get things going.  Email your friends, family, and existing email list.  Trust me, JUST DO THIS! Post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Update your Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn links.

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