Understanding Copyright & Creating a Strategy


So, we’ve covered all of this metadata stuff and all types of registration, so now we’re going to briefly hit on what these all mean to you. What are the ‘RIGHTS’ of musicians and how are they related to all of this stuff? Understanding copyright is KEY to creating a great go to market strategy.…

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How I Got Signed to a Music Publishing Deal

Music Publishing Deal

Guest Article: Written by Dylan Lloyd It was September 21, 2009…I was in pursuit of the ultimate dream.  From Chicago to Los Angeles, I drove nearly two full days to meet a girl who would change my life forever – with a music publishing deal.  Her name is Lindsay Vinarsky, also known by her artist…

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Get Your Music Registered!!

To get paid for the music you create, you MUST get your music registered with the appropriate services and you MUST have well-formatted metadata.   These registrations and the metadata are key information related to your revenue.  Without that in place, any money attributed to your music will go into the “Black Box”* and you…

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The Dreaded Metadata

As a musician, the best part of what we do is creating music. However, if you want to be paid for creating, then you have to get into the boring stuff as well. Enter, the DREADED METADATA! The word “metadata” sounds a little scary and mysterious, but really, it’s just information about data. It puts…

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Music Revenue

There are over 40 revenue streams available to musicians – each protected by different copyrights, rights organizations, relationships, licenses, or the like.  It might seem a bit complicated but let’s break it down in relation to your rights then let’s describe the metadata associated with your music.  In this first section, we will focus on…

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