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"The lyrics, the voice, the track and/or the vibe of a good song causes us to be more present and helps us to cut through the noise of our daily lives. It helps us to be more mindful.”



MusicMakers News: Week of July 16th, 2018

Story, Revenue, and Balance:  This week we are proud to feature MusicMakers’ own Toni Blackman. Her recent article on hip-hop and meditation lays out her process of ‘electric relaxation’ and gives a look into how meditating evolved her life and career. Then, we’ll take a look at how she’s expanded her presence and revenue through projects such as her Rhyme like a Girl movement that empowers female hip-hop artists, and the Cypher Workshop, a freestyle rap circle held bi-weekly in NYC. Last, find out how Toni maintains balance in her own life and career while also offering advice on how others can do the same.
Recently, Toni authored an article for AmbrosiaForHeads diving into the connection between hip-hop and meditation. She notes the uprise in discussions about meditation and mindfulness in light of mental health and self-care becoming hot topics in many circles, and the hip-hop community is no exception. Many well-known rappers can be heard rhyming lyrics that are rooted in meditative practices and philosophies-- but what is all the fuss about?


Blackman sees meditation as a healing practice that not only boosts physical health and mental clarity but also brings a calming inner sense of peace that forges kindness. In treating one’s self with mindfulness and respect, it becomes second nature to act this way toward others.  Click below to read her article on the practices she suggests for entering a state of meditation and listen to some of her tracks containing guided meditations and affirmations.


How do you typically relax and energize your mind? Are there ways that you can incorporate more mindfulness practices into your routine? What aspects of your lifestyle tend to come up in your music?

Listen to Toni on AmbrosiaForHeads >>

Toni Blackman has traveled the globe giving lectures on hip-hop music and culture. She’s one of the world’s top hip-hop activists and with her background in the industry, she has launched the Freestyle Union, Cypher Workshop, and Rhyme like a Girl movement. Her projects are all about empowering hip-hop artists by creating spaces and opportunities for musicians to grow and build relationships that will help further their careers.


Toni’s passion for sharing energy, information, and ideas through hip-hop music and freestyle raps led her to form these groups, for which she guides the energy by providing coaching and encouragement. She has transcended her career as a rapper by using her experience and expertise to mentor other artists in this new branch of work in the music industry.


Whether she is guiding musicians in her workshops, inspiring them through her Ted Talk and podcast, or giving insights as the author of several books and articles, Blackman has created a hip-hop empire centered around empowerment and positive energy. Check out her website below to learn more about her workshops and upcoming performances.

Learn more here >>

Toni’s “Believe: Meditation Mixtape” embodies her mindful lifestyle and dedication to her career in hip-hop. She brings mindfulness into the studio with her, producing spoken word tracks that act as guided meditations and affirmation practices. The album shows that a healthy work/life balance for artists does not require a complete separation of the two as she ties in music, meditation, and motivation.


Check out the “Believe” album on Spotify by clicking the link below. Whether you have time to sit down and listen to all 11 tracks or only enough for one meditation, Toni is a firm believer that even just a few moments of mindfulness a day can bring a new perspective to all aspects of life.

Listen to the Album >>

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