Beatpick is an online one-stop music licensing shop; their music licensing system is quick, easy and efficient. All music is pre-cleared.  Free music consultancy and supervision are available upon request. They share earnings 50/50 with the artists and offer non-exclusive agreements that can be terminated anytime. Back end royalties belong 100% to the musicians.

BeatPick Partial Client List:

  • 20th Century Fox (Film)
  • Mercedes Benz (Compilation CDs, Commercial Podcast, Portable Devices)
  • Ralph Lauren (Fashion Show)
  • Scott Winter Sports (Advertising, Internet Video)
  • The Travel Channel (Advertising)
  • Original Marines (In-Stores Video Advertising)
  • Toyota (Advertising)
  • Dodge (Advertising)
  • Chevrolet (Portable Devices / USB Pen Drive)
  • ServicePlan (Advertising)
  • / (Games)
  • Fedora (Games / Software)
  • K-SWISS (Advertising)
  • Apollinaris (cd compilation)
  • Rosenblum TV (World Leader in video journalism)
  • Puma (Advertising)
  • Samsung (Advertising)

About their selection process: selects the best independent musicians. We receive over 400 music submissions per month, and generally only accept 5% of these artists. We cover every possible musical genre, from 1950s Italian opera all the way to 2009 pulsating Hip Hop, from Americana country rock to Electronic experiments.