Crucial Music

Crucial Music has survived the competitive world of sync placements for a decade by being highly selective, only accepting songs they feel fit today’s visual media landscape. Recently, they created an auxiliary business, Crucial Custom, which designs music that is tailor-made to meet their clients’ requests.

You have to own or control your own masters and publishing for next three years and the renewal term; and you must be a registered writer of either ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC, or your country’s Performing Rights Organization (PRO). If you have co-writers, they have to own their own publishing too, be a registered writer with a PRO and they must sign off on the agreement as well. If you or your co-writers have an exclusive administration deal for your publishing with someone like Bug Music, Cherry Lane, TuneCore (Publishing not Digital Distribution), EBA Online or another publishing entity, we can not represent your catalog. If you or your co-writers have a full or co-publishing agreement with another publisher, we can not represent your catalog.

You own 100%. You DO NOT LOSE or GIVE UP any ownership of the copyrights in the master recording or the composition.

Your deal with Crucial Music will not prohibit you from doing anything with your music.

You are ONLY granting Crucial Music a NON-EXCLUSIVE right to pitch, negotiate and issue non-exclusive licenses for the use of your music by our clients.

Founded by Tanvi Patel


12031 Ventura Blvd, Ste. 2 Studio City, CA 91604