Music Vine

Music Vine released a massive update to their site in late 2018. There’s a delightful new interface, loads of search options, and even more flexibility in pricing and licensing terms. When it comes to sorting and filtering and finding the perfect song, Music Vine is the best on the market, hands down.

Besides their beautiful, functional site, the thing that really sets Music Vine apart is their highly-curated selection of music from indie artists. The library isn’t huge, but it’s super high quality. And they make that music available for more affordable prices than you’d find with other licensing services. The founders at Music Vine are on a mission to democratize great music and make it legitimately affordable for everybody, and so far, the site is very much living up to that vision.

FROM THEIR SITE: Having launched mid 2015, Music Vine now represents some of the most esteemed and exciting production music artists in the world. Our growing client-base ranges from revered marketing agencies and global brands to independent filmmakers and hobbyists. We have an ambitious vision for the coming years and welcome applications from those looking for a licensing company which shares their passion for music, quality and a sustainable, prosperous music licensing landscape.