Founded in 2005 by Barry Coffing, CEO, Music Supervisor, Producer and Songwriter

“I started this site with my musician and filmmaker friends in a basement bedroom. We used our own song catalogs and our short movies that needed music. But when we needed outside songs, we decided to build a better mousetrap. At that time there were only a handful of online catalogs offering independent pre-cleared music. We asked: What kinds of music do films, TV, ads and corporate need? Every kind known to man! How should it be delivered? Not just mp3s — .wav files, lyrics, writer/pub info – and info on the artists, producers and writers! What is the easiest way to search, find, price and license the rights for music to music supervisors? We figured it out — and now 10 years later we’ve grown to 10,000 indie labels, 200,000 tracks and thousands of placements. I couldn’t be more proud of the team that got us here. Now with our Springboard Festivals and music conferences, we are truly finding the best independent music in the world, and bringing it into the marketplace for anyone who needs music. The future is very exciting!”

Barry Coffing, CEO


  • Designed by Music Supervisors for Music Supervisors.
  • Free to all qualified Music Supervisors, just sign up.
  • Nearly 200,000 searchable pieces of the highest-quality music and sound effects.
  • All genres and styles of songs and scoring cues from around the planet – if you need it, we probably have it!
  • Set up project folders and search. Or our staff will assist you! High tech, but high touch.
  • 90% of tracks are pre-cleared and ready to license.
  • Also we have great covers and some famous artists.
  • Placed thousands of cues in major and indie films, TV shows, internet, corporate ads etc. over the last 10 years.

NOTE: The Site is SLOW. They take 50% of the upfront and you get 100% of the backend. They don’t re-title.

3209 Tareco Drive Los Angeles, CA. 90068