Boost Music

Boost Music is an independent production music company. Our aim is to provide a more personal and individual alternative to the corporate world. We’re ready and waiting to pitch ideas (at no cost) for your programme, promo or commercial.

We represent high end ‘boutique’ labels. Each has its own unique identity and approach to creating lovingly crafted music. Specially produced for use in film, television, radio, advertising and online, the music is for professional use only and can be licensed in the UK and Eire through MCPS.

All tracks are available to download or on our Boost Drive hard drive.

Boost owns Zone Music

Submission Guidelines: If you’d like to submit your work for our consideration please send to us via email with Soundcloud or similar streaming links. The demo should represent your strongest style of music and comprise no more than six tracks. We will provide feedback if your submission is successful.

To submit to BoostTV, Zone and Counter Music please send your link and short bio. to: [email protected]

To submit to Liftmusic, Poke and Superstore please send your link and short bio. to: [email protected]


2 Wey Barn, King’s Mews High Street Godalming Surrey GU7 1AD