Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)

Discipline(s): Media & Performing Artists, including Audio Production/Post Production, Video Production/Post Production


Eligibility: Full-time students are ineligible. EMPAC encourages projects that may require an interdisciplinary team, potentially including staff, faculty, and students.


Session: Varies according to project need – can be short-term of long-term.


Deadlines: Proposals are reviewed three times a year. Application deadlines are January 17th, May 14th, and September 17th. .


Description: Artists’ projects will intersect with research in science, engineering and the humanities, challenge and inform each other, and lead to new approaches and insights in all these disciplines. To this end, EMPAC provides an environment that supports the realization of complex works at any stage from inception to completion. Along with a state-of-the-art facility, EMPAC offers residents the support of a staff of experts in audio, video, interactive interfaces, and stage technologies. Each selected artist receives a stipend and is provided with housing and studio space with A/V and theater technologies available.


110 8TH St, EMPAC Building, Troy, NY 12180