Stocked up and ready to serve. New shirts coming to the store soon.

We were excited to get our second load of MiMFL shirts this week, watch out in the shop for new items that we will add over the coming few days, along with our MiMFL wristbands in 4 colors. The charcoal mens and boys shirts are proving to be very popular, and the girls love the teal shirts.

We also have limited quantities of the chocolate retro shirts. We thought the retro shirts would be preferred by women, but after testing we found out that quite a few guys liked them too, so we have sizes available for men, women, boys and girls.


Having worn the shirts for a couple of months now, we have found it’s a great way to start a conversation. There are several different interpretations we commonly get – from ‘so what instrument do you play’ to a fantastic comment we got from a hairdresser in Texas who said – ‘I get it, it’s a note to the soul.’ Brilliant.


Show your support by wearing one of our shirts and spreading the word with your friends, family and random strangers who stop you on the street to start a conversation about music! Join the movement –  buy it, wear it, live it.

Check out our store to see what’s available now.

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