Ryan Block

Over his span of time on this earth, Phillip Ryan Block has been involved in a range of projects and jobs that span everything from door to door sales to investment consulting. His experiences, the people he’s worked with and the knowledge he’s gained gave him the confidence to finally pursue his dream. This is when Independent Ear, a company all of his own, launched. This pursuit has been not only of passion but concise decision making that also has had to bend with the ebbs and flows of modern society.


Today’s world changes in a nanosecond and so does the successful business person, which is what Mr. Block is. His record label, Independent Ear, is a true testament of his abilities to analyze, predict, project, produce and then change it all up when one business model doesn’t fit the next. It’s hard to find what it takes, in today’s world, in a person or company that is aware there is no mold to fit into for you. Ryan understands just this.


He has spent many hours logged behind the screen managing countless successful social media campaigns, really being on the forefront of what is happening in today’s new media. Ryan has the hype and energy to stay on top of who, what and where things are happening which enables him to get your brand seen in those places by the right consumers. Ryan’s relationship skills are unparalleled creating just the right connections for branding social influencing.


Ryan is the kind of guy that will help you to advance your brand, no matter what it takes. He’ll help educate you to do it on your own or offer you a service to himself or his team to help you achieve your dreams.