Felista Sutherland

Felista is unlike any other creative branding expert, in that, she tells you what you need to hear. She doesn’t just offer you some cookie cutter ideas on business, branding, and marketing but rather a passionate, detailed and market focused plan to success. Over the last decade of agency experience, Felista engulfed herself in dramatically different industries, like hospitality, to international relocation, to historical architecture, all to be able to execute, wildly successful branding campaigns for companies in those industries. To know and create relationships with people on both ends of the business, is the only way to actually know any business. She takes the time needed to develop a real branding foundation for her clients.


Her personal touch and creative direction are enhanced by the astounding talent she surrounds herself with. She always has the knack for telling a brand’s story and creating herself or directing others to execute, visual or audio content that is awe-inspiring. However, one thing she lacked for years was website development. Years ago, while volunteering on a re-branding board, for a Vermont ski valley, she realized she needed website design skills too. Because back then, it was nearly impossible to find a web developer that was available or wasn’t charging an arm and a leg for a simple landing page. So, she learned to develop websites giving her one more of the much-needed skills, into today’s digital marketing world. Adapting and constantly being a student to the consumers’ needs has given her the skills and flow her clients need to help them form their dreams into a successful brand.