Proyecto´acePIRAR |is an Artist-­in-­Residence International Program located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in South America. The residencies aim to support contemporary visual art practices (including performance and curatorial proposals) promoting exchange, debate, experimentation and collaborative work.

The program focuses on expanded field visual art practices, with a special interest in contemporary artistic proposals that involve traditional and innovative printmaking and its hybridization with photography, design and new media, exploring their mirror influences, as well as the capacity of multiple. From 2005 it has been working as driving force that links, not only different artistic practices within the cultures that produce them, but also between the invited artists with the rich cultural, urban and social community of Buenos Aires city.

The ‘acePIRAR name is a wordplay between ‘ace (“hacer”/to make-in Spanish) and the program initials (in Spanish PIRAR) with the Argentine slang word “pirar”, therefore, appropriating its double meaning: “to leave/to move suddenly” and “to get a little crazy”. ‘acePIRAR residences imply in themselves the need to migrate in order to find new inspiration in a different place as well as to be immerse in a “crazy” brainstorm with other artists within an atmosphere of creative freedom.

We offer different residencies to best fit each artist’s profile and project
Production/ Exploration / microResidency / Palimpsest (mural painting)


Conesa 667, altos Buenos Aires, 1426 Argentina