Japan Foundation NY Grant For Arts And Culture

Japan Foundation NY Grant For Arts And Culture accepts applications from non-profit organizations for projects that take place within the 37 states east of Rocky Mountains listed below for the JFNY Grant for Arts & Culture on a rolling basis throughout the year. This grant aims to support projects that will further be understanding of Japanese arts and culture. Successful projects may be granted up to $5,000. Priority will be given to those projects that have secured additional funding from sources other than the Japan Foundation.


Grant Coverage
  1. Publicity
  2. Printing costs of program, leaflets, catalog
  3. Honoraria for artists and lecturers
  4. Domestic/international travel expenses for artists and lecturers, including per diem and accommodation expenses
  5. Shipping cost of films, exhibits and/or other materials related to the proposed event

Applicant should clearly indicate the items they wish to be covered by JFNY Grant funds in the budget proposal.
Please note: The applicant should cover costs for any receptions, if applicable. The grant will be paid in the form of a reimbursement for preceding expenses, and the award money will be remitted upon receipt of the final report and the appropriate proofs of payments.
  1. Only submission from U.S. organizations with 501(C)3 status will be accepted.
  2. Applications will be accepted only for projects that take place within the 37 states east of the Rocky Mountains, regardless of the location of the applicant organizations. For projects to be held in the other thirteen states, please contact the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.
  3. The purpose of the applicant’s project must be to nurture further understanding of Japanese arts and culture, or to produce U.S.-Japan collaborative projects, through performing arts, exhibitions, film screening, lectures, symposia, and other cultural events.

If your proposed project seeks to increase understanding of Japan through an educational component, please consider our Education Grant through the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. Information for this grant program can be found here. Please understand that we are unable to accept multiple applications for one project. If you are unsure which program to apply for, please contact us at [email protected].