ART342 is a nonprofit residency and artist community that provides the necessary time and space for independent creative practice. Studios, living arrangements and financial aid are given to qualified emerging or midcareer artists. We support the work of both national and international artists who specialize in the visual arts, writing or music composition.


During 14-week sessions in the Spring, Summer and Fall, accepted residents experience 24 hour studio access, informal exchanges with fellow artists, and opportunities in community interaction and outreach.


ART342 is located alongside the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado and approximately 60 miles north of Denver.


Discipline(s): Music Composition, Visual Arts, Scholarly and Creative Writing


Eligibility: Emerging to mature. Artists must show professional standing in their field


Session: Seasonal. Sessions are 15-weeks in length.


Description: ART342 hopes to assist artists who have well-developed technical skills and who are ready to develop a more mature body of work. We restrict the sessions to the artist only, without pets, children, companions, visitors or local interruptions. Live and workspace provided, along with $1500 stipend.

224 Canyon Ave, #304, Fort Collins, CO 80521