NTTS believes that musical training can deliver strong intellectual benefits for all students. Music can make a student high performing, focused, driven and assist in his/her ability to self-reflect. At present we offer a wide range of programs from performances, multi-week music workshops/residencies and community workshops in neighborhood locations. Currently programming is available in the NYC Metro area. Going forward we will offer programming in the California Bay Area as well as Dallas, TX. Call us to set up a planning session where we will work with your administration, teachers & budget to select a focus area for you. Programming below is designed to service students in grades 3-12 (ages 9-17 yrs). Our music educators are also available for after school programming, small group & private lessons.

You can read more about Music Is My First Language at our website: musicmakers.io


Through MiMFL branded clothing and merchandise, commercial music releases, corporate sponsorships and strategic partnerships, Music Is My First Language will fund its own sustainable educational programs, helping kids on their musical journey through their formative years. This includes extensive outreach programs in public schools, community based workshops, private music scholarships, summer camps and online resources.

· Over our first three years, we will offer several series of community based music workshops in each of our four launch markets as well as offer outreach program to at least ten public schools in each of our four launch markets.

· Creation of the MiMFL Accredited Music School Program will enable scholarships in the launch cities as well as global expansion.

· We will establish MiMFL dedicated teaching, performance, recording and exhibition facilities in flagship cities.

· In the first three years we will oversee creation of programs in at least ten additional cities.

· In year three, MiMFL will launch a massive open online course (MOOC). This will be a large scale interactive participatory educational portal which connects and empowers local communities across the globe.


NTTS’s Music Education Program is aimed at fostering and sustaining the musical talent of disadvantaged youth. Our program models are designed to be modular and will be differentiated based on location. Comprising of community and school based workshops, continual private music lessons, music theory courses, career guidance and online educational experiences delivered in best of class child safety environments.

Student participation begins with a foundation training year in one of our community or school based workshop series, progressing to intensive instrumental music study and concluding with the production of career ready musicians who will benefit from continued support and guidance.

Research indicates that the study of a musical instrument improves cognitive skills, strengthens auditory skills and problem solving, increases IQ and memory capacity while supporting the imagination. In many areas across the globe the study of music is not accessible to youth. NTTS believes each young person can benefit and should have access to the opportunity to enhance their lives through music.

NTTS’s education program will measure the following for all students::

• Student achievement, typically as represented by reading and mathematics performance on high stakes tests, including transfer of skills learning from the arts to learning in other academic areas—for example, the spatial-temporal reasoning skills developed by music instruction;

• Student motivation and engagement, including improved attendance, persistence, focused attention, heightened educational aspirations, and intellectual risk taking;

• Development of habits of mind including problem solving, critical and creative thinking, dealing with ambiguity and complexity, integration of multiple skill sets, and working with others; and

• Development of social competencies, including collaboration and teamwork skills, social tolerance, and self-confidence.

Educational Workshops

Music Exploration Performance (45 min – 150 attendees max)

This engaging performance experience draws all audience members into the exploration of music as a language. Students understand the conversation that occurs between musicians and make the connection to real life experiences. During the journey students are exposed to music theory basics, instrumental technique and musical relationships such as counterpoint. This performance is appropriate for students grades 3-12.

Multi-Week Music Exploration Residency (45 min sessions – max 30 attendees)

Based on the same experience described above, students have the opportunity to delve deeper into their exploration of music as a language and create an original composition. NTTS music educators are skilled at delivering and engaging exploration of instrumental and ensemble music. Students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on exploration of musical instruments (drums, winds and/or keyboard – depending on the teaching artist) and explore music cultural history through various genres as well as music theory. All residencies included a mandatory planning meeting with NTTS Education director, NTTS music educator, your administrator and classroom teacher. A culminating event to showcase student work can be planned as well.

Multi-Week Instrumental Music Residency (45 min sessions – max 30 attendees)

Instrumental Choices include Drum Set/Stickings, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Keyboard & Wood Winds/Horns. All residencies included a mandatory planning meeting with NTTS Education director, NTTS music educator, your administrator and classroom teacher. A culminating event to showcase student work can be planned as well.

Community Workshops (1 hour – 50 attendees max)

These workshops are open to students ages 9-17 years as well as parents/guardians. During a community workshops the entire audience is taken on a music experiential journey where they explore music as a language, experience hands on music making and participate in team building in a safe space.  Stay tuned and check our calendar often as NTTS offers free community workshops to the public throughout the school year. Please sign up for our mailing list so that you are the first to know! If you would like to schedule a community workshop in your area please contact us.

Small Group & Private Lessons

Please contact us to arrange private or small group lessons with one of our master teaching artists.